Friday, 25 July 2014

New Filofaxes {unboxing} - Filofax Friday

Hi Filofaxing Friends, I hope you are all keeping cool, well here in Cambridgeshire (UK) we are having temperature up to 30c and that is hot for us!

Anyways I am super busy working away on pimping up the Filofax for the blogger challenge which is proving to be more indepth and time consuming than I originally thought it was going to be...BUT...I hope it will be worth it in the long run and I have also been working on some elements that I can share with you guys so bare with me on that!

So in the meantime I wanted to share with you an unboxing of two Filofaxes that I purchased. Well actually I purchased three but one of them is to put away for a future giveaway, hint, hint! I just thought I would share them with you because if you haven't had chance to see them in the shops you can't always tell what they are like from photographs online.

And of course because of these my set ups and how I am organising things will / have changed so lots more to talk about in future Filofax Fridays!

Anyway my friends, sorry this is so short from me this week, must get back to pimping up that Filofax! Until next week, take care x


  1. Beautiful orginals - i don't have one (yet!) have just ordered a preloved A5 so looking forward to getting my hands on that! Christmas - blimey you are organised!!!! ;-)

    1. I know, you gotta think about these things as they soon creep up on you ; )