Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My new fabric Fauxdori or Neendori!

I have been on the look out for a non leather fauxdori for Jon for a while. I wanted to make him a garden journal as a present for valentines day. I purchased the inserts and then couldn't find a fauxdori anywhere! Most of the fauxdoris are leather or if not incredibly girly. I had to give him an I.O.U. for valentines bless him but he is ever so sweet and said don't get me anything at all. I had to though coz I love him and really wanted to. We tend to buy each other 'proper' presents not gimicky valentines things and also Jon loves practical / useful presents.

I did approach a couple of people but they never got back to me, then one day the lovely Serena Bee shared a photo on instagram of the needori she had purchased from Neen. I fell in love with it and had to check Neen out right away.

Image Credit: https://instagram.com/seresbee/
Neen had and well actually still has some amazing fabric patterns in her Etsy shop and it was hard to resist. I was about to order when when I saw that she was able to do custom sizes so I thought I would message her and see if she could make me an A5 size one. Here in the UK we do things in 'A' sizes and so many of our notebooks are in A5 that I thought it would make sense. That and I am not 100% in love with the midori size if I am perfectly honest. Any road, Neen was amazing and got back to me with lighting speed and said yes. Whooop whooop!

Now as I was ordering from all that way I figured it would make sense to order two as I knew that I would regret it if not and then have to make another purchase so I bought one for myself too. I know, I know, like I need another! lol! But seriously way too cute.

They came really quickly and I was going to film an opening but I got waaaaaay too excited and just had to wrip the packaging off so sorry about that. I did manage to take a snap of the packaging to share with you guys though because it is so pretty...

So on to the neendori's that I got. For Jon I got a flower one. I wanted to make Jon a gardening journal so I thought this was very fitting as he does like his garden. Some may think that this is really girly but let me tell you Jon isn't massively 'butch' or anything and would be very happy with this. he loves retro vintage stuff too and I just thought this would look really nice. I will share more once I have set it all up for him.

On to mine then. I kept looking and looking because I couldn't decide on which one to get, I mean all of her fabrics are just so darn adorbs! I just kept on coming back to the fabric I chose time and time again. I was avoiding it thinking am I sure about this but as it kept on drawing my eye I knew it had to be mine so make it mine I did!

Neen is able to make some customisations too so I opted to have a cute little Kawaii cloud added to the front of mine.

Neen also added a bit of bling to my elastic which I hasten to add is really sturdy. In fact the whole thing is really sturdy, fabulous quality and really well made.

Attention to detail is fabulous, I mean just look at the inside...

I am over moon with my two purchases and look forward to using them and setting them up. You can be sure that I will show more in the future! Go check out Neen, you won't be sorry!

Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/loveneen
Instagram: @jjshowers or @neenshowers

I do have a video where I talk about the neendori's and show them a bit more:

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