Friday, 10 April 2015

My New Kawaii Cloud Planner!

I love my Blue or Sky as it is known, Color Crush Planner from Websters Pages. There is nothing wrong with it at all, in fact it is beautiful with a beautiful blue colour that you would just want to dive straight into with a splash. The thing is I kept on looking at it and just wondering. You see my mind was ticking over with an idea and inspiration to customise it and make it mine.

I love clouds and the sky and they are a regular source of inspiration for me. I have my head in the clouds for sure! Well I just kept on wondering what this planner would look like with big fluffy kawaii clouds on it. In my mind it looked absolutely amazing and I just knew that if I didn't just go for it I would always be wondering what it would look like. They only way for me to rest was to go ahead and customise my planner. The result...

I photographed it in both a warm and cool light so you could get a better feel for it. I love it, it makes me so happy. I wish I hadn't smudged the matt medium that I used to seal it right at the very end but other than that I love it. When I made that smudge I felt like crying, "why oh why" / "what have I done" but I managed to salvage it a bit with some splatters. It is not perfect and that is OK because I am not perfect either. I still love it and it still makes me happy and makes me smile so that is a good thing!

I am pretty sure that this is going to have mixed reactions. Some people are probably gonna think I ruined it and how could I, some may think it is cool but wouldn't have the guts to do it themselves. This is one of the things I love about the Websters Pages Color Crush Planner. Something about this planner unleashes more of the creative side in me. I have never been so creative with a planner as I have with the Color Crushes. You can go to town with it or leave it as is but I for one have been going to town with it.

I filmed the painting of this if you would like to watch and learn more about the mediums that I used...

Ok them so come on tell me the truth, what do you think of my new cloud planner and would you ever do something like this yourself?


  1. It looks so pretty Anna! I wouldn't do this to any of my planners but that's because I'm not an amazing artist like you. X

  2. I love the whole thing, it's so adorable! I think I prefer it with the splatters, it just looks more artistic and fun. I would never do this myself though, I'm not confident that I'd make look good.... so I'd send it to you to do for me lol!

  3. Omg its adorable =]

  4. Oh wow Mrs Brimbles- you have surpassed yourself!! I absoflippin'lutely LOVE it! As to whether I would dare to paint on a planner, the answer would sadly be ''no''. I am most definitely not talented in that department & I just know I would end up with a hideous mess haha. However, I have a very talented, artistic son (about to turn 18) & I wondered if you would deem it acceptable for me to decorate in a similar fashion? It wouldn't look exactly the same of course, but I too love blue skies and little white fluffy clouds ( I have that "Orbital'' song in my head now)..If you would rather I didn't, I do understand. P.s. I really enjoy your blog and reading & looking at what you do. x

  5. Dear Anna, This is editor from the most popular planner lover group in China.
    I saw your grogeous and amazing 'cloud planner' in your blog, me and my team think its realyy cool! Hence, here we sincerely hope we may have chance to introduce this brilliant idea to China planner lovers. So, may I ask your authority to allow us to translate your cloud planner making blog article and the Youtube video? Many many thanks and kind regard.

  6. I LOVE it!! So kawaii and whimsical. In fact, I wasn't sure I was interested in a Websters planner until I saw this. Now I want a happy cloud planner too! Awesome piece of art! 😄😍💙

  7. Love it! More importantly you do!