Friday, 17 April 2015

The FluffyFax - Set up tour of my pet health care tracking planner

Welcome to the FluffyFax show and tell he he! OK so I call it a Fluffyfax because it houses all of the information regading my fluffies health and wellbeing. When I say fluffies I actually mean my three bunny rabbits and my two guinea pigs. And it is actually the A5 Filofax Domino in patent turqoise which I have shown you before.

I have always documented and tracked various things for my fluffies. It started out as just a section in my daily planner (A5 and then Personal size), then it moved into a personal size all of it's own and now we are on A5. I decided to make the move from personal to A5 because the two vets that I take my girls too either give / send their invoices and information in A5 or A4 size. I wanted to start keeping some of these so it made sense to upgrade them to an A5 size. Prior to the Dominos I had two A5's, one being used as a home management binder and the other as a journal so it was a nice excuse to ask for a Domino for my birthday!

Let me take you through the planner so that I can show you what I have in here and why.

Of course as we are going to be using something so beautiful as the turqoise we may as well put some other beautifulness in and of course I think my girls are beautiful so expect to see some photos of them in the following pages. My little bragging book he he!In the secreterial pocket I have some of the spare inserts that I am using in the planner. The dashboard actually serves no purpose other than for prettiness. I just love Belle and Boo products as you well know particularly as Boo looks so much like my little Florence Tinkerbell. Aesthetically my planner is quite bunny heavy and that is because I have yet to find anything really with guinea pigs on so if you do, please point me in that direction and I will love you forever!

In the first divider I have general informaion pertaining to all of them so I have details on the vets that we use and who goes where. The two new additions go to a different vet than the others because they had a bundle deal on microchipping, vaccines and health checks. A tad confusing but then that is what a planner is for, to keep me in check.

When we go on hoiday, Jon's parents usually come and stay at the house to look after the girls, they like staying and call it a mini break, they live in the town and although we are not a million miles away from each other they like to come out to the Country! The folks are quite well versed in the fluffy care but I do like to leave them with notes just so that they can refresh their memory if they forget something. I detail when to food and bedding etc and I always like to leave them with vets details. The beauty with the fluffyfax is that it is altogether all of the time so I don't have to write it down each time, I can just leave the fax out on the side when we go.

Nutrition is very important to them as it is us but for bunnies and piggies there are lots of foods that they can't eat and some that should only be fed in moderation. My girls do have their favourites so I pretty much know what to give them but every now and then we may have something new in and I wonder if they can eat it, well I have it here printed out for quick reference and saves me going online all the time. I use the PDSA to obtain my information as it is supported by my vets. Please note that this is a guide to help you out and I cannot be held responsible for any of the accuracy of the information that it contains. Please ensure that you do your own research or you check with your veterinary surgeon that food you are giving to your animal is safe. OK that was my little disclaimer!

I also keep the information of where I have purchased snuggle items so I can refer back to them.

Moving on then to the other dividers. Each divider has a photo of the fluffy that it refers to so that I know who is whos section, that and it is an excuse to have another photo of my girls! This Mumma does love her girlies. In my old fluffyfax I had names on the dividers and laminated over them but I am doing it this way so that I can change sequences if I need to / want to (not because I am expecting a fluffy to depart us anytime soon - "touch wood")

Each of the sections contains a sheet with further information about each fluffy. As our girls were adopted there are some gaps as we don't know everything.

I keep a log of their nail trims so I can work out when their last one was and when to book the next, they usually go around the three month mark. I also like to keep check of their vaccinations.

I find keeping a health log really useful. It is useful for us so that we can see changes and improvements and monitor conditions and we can also see when it was things occurred. There are always times when we can say "when was that". Again if we are going away, this is useful information for people to have in case there are flare ups or if care giving is still needed.

And that is pretty much that. It keeps us well organised so we know what is what and it is working really well for us. Do you track your pets health and welfare? I would love to know and I would love to know if you have any suggestions on things I should be doing. I have had bunnies and piggies all my life but there are still things that can be learnt.

This is not a selling post, I am literally just doing a show and tell of my set up and hopefully inspire you to track your pets health if you don't already but if you were interested in any of the inserts / dashboards I do sell these in my Etsy shop.

I hope this has been a useful and interesting read and I will catch up with you all soon x

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