Thursday, 9 April 2015

Thoughts on planner page decoration

My desk is a big old heap of a mess right now but I really felt urged to jump on and blog. I was sitting at my desk flipping through my planner when I decided to decorate next weeks pages. I was in my own little zone just flipping through my (dwindling) stash of stickers, choosing which ones to use and sticking them done. I had music playing from my Spotify and I was just calm, peaceful and relaxed in my own little zone.

Now you know I like to journal and create art and I often get asked why I don't draw and paint in my planners like I do in my journals. There is no specific answer to this really, it just kind of happened that way and that is how it has stayed so far. I am not saying that I never will, just that it doesn't always occur to me to paint or draw. I know from an outsider point of view that may seem odd considering all my journals that I share. I can't put my finger on it either so it is really hard to articulate.

I think the really short, easy answer is that I just like stickers. I find it so therapeutic to flick through my stickers and choose ones that I want to use and then just apply them to my pages. You don't really have to think too hard about it you can just stick 'em down and I really like that. It is a form of escapism for me and a bit of inward reflection and meditation time. I am not saying that drawing or painting is stressful or anything, not at all, but for some reason I am just a sticker person when it comes to my planner pages. But then I see photos of people who have drawn on their pages and I start to think why didn't I do that. I think it is very hard to not compare your life to others, even things like planner page aestheticness because we are programmed by society to do that in a lot of ways. We, me included, need to stop comparing ourselves to others and just think about that enjoyment we had in decorating our pages, not how they look compared to someone elses.

I took this snap on my phone of some of my stickers that I am flicking through. I just thought it would be fun to share. My desk really is a big mess and I just felt like jumping on and writing this blog!

I keep seeing photos popping up on social media of people who are incorporating journalling alongside their planners and that is both appealing and interesting to me. At the moment they are two totally seperate things for me. My planner is for tasks and appointments and what I need to do where as my journal is for what I have done as well as thoughts and feelings. I do like the look of the ones I have seen where there is a mix going on. Similarly I love to look at people's weeks they share once they are all completed with their writing and notes on the pages. I love to see how they look when they are all complete, yet I don't feel comfortable sharing my pages in that way. It is probably naughty of me when I look at others but I don't know, I feel awkward about it really. It's not that I have loads to hide or anything, it is just, dunno, again hard to explain. 

What are your thoughts on page decoration? I would love to know!

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