Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Supplier Spotlight - Craftin Chaos - Planner Clips

It has been a while since I did a 'Supplier Spotlight' because I haven't been buying much of late. What with vets bills, saving for a new camera and the fact that I probably have more stationery related products than I should have it has been a bit quiet on the purchasing front!

Anyhoo I have something adorabubble to share with you today. About a month ago now I was doing the Websters Pages Color Crush Planner daily photo challeneg on instagram and one of the prompts was 'rainbow' and this is the photo that I shared...

I love Rainbow Brite and this is my original doll from when I was a child in the the 80s and the stickers were sent to me by a friend in the States. I can never use them, I just have to hoard them! Actually I am going to laminate them and make them into a page marker! So after I shared that photo someone whispered in my ear that my good friend Deb from Craftin Chaos made her a Rainbow Brite clip. How did I not know this!! Of course I had to have one didn't I, it stands to reason. Now Deb doesn't really make this to sell because as you can see it is so inticate with lots of itty bitty pieces but her arm was twisted and she made me one and I am crazy in love with her...

She even has a little rainbow to match...

If you have never checked out Deb's shop before you certainly have to because her clips are simply stunning. She has such an eye for detail and the quality is incredible. I have a few of her clips now but these two are also new additions that came with Rainbow Brite.

Isn't little Foxies glasses just simply adorbs!

And look at my Splodgey bear made into a paperclip, she can go in the FluffyFax to be with her friends forever...

Thank you Debs for another amazing package and seriously folks, go check out her store, it's a must!


  1. These are all so cute =]

  2. Soooo cute and her quality is hands down the BEST in the market!