Thursday, 2 April 2015

April Brimbles Box Reveal

I am changing things up a bit this month. As you know I normally release 'officially' on the blog contents of the Brimbles Box around the middle of the month. This is to make sure that people have definitely received theirs as I don't want to spoil the surprise. I have been asked by many people if I can share an unboxing of my own box on YouTube and give more explanation as to the contents of the box and what the intended purpose of it is / what people can do with the items.

So of course I am very happy to do that. If you haven't received yours yet and you don't want to know then I suggest you stop reading lol! 

OK you are still here so you want to know! Right so here is my own personal unboxing. Keep reading for photos! If you would like to watch videos of unboxings from genuine customers as well as honest reviews from blogger you can watch the YouTube Brimbles Box playlist As I say they are all very honest so you can get a better feel for what was inside.

So what was in the box this month? Well it is April and here in the UK that usually means lots of April showers and all kinds of crazy weather!

So of course as always we start with a postcard from me:

“When it’s pouring rain and people complain, And things aren’t worth the shucks, Don’t you yell, just say Well Lovely weather for ducks” Rosemary Clooney.

Someone once said if it wasn’t for the weather the British wouldn’t have anything to talk about! Well there is nothing us Brits love more than to talk about the weather it seems. When it is cold it is too cold and when it is hot, well it is too hot. We are never happy are we! I know a lot of people don’t but I quite like the rain. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like the smell after it has rained, or the way the road looks, all glistening with puddles ready to go splashing in. One of my favourite past times as a child was putting my wellies on and jumping in puddles. Hey who am I kidding I still do that now! I am a massive cloud gazer too I could watch the clouds go by for hours. I love it.

So let’s celebrate those April showers, because without them there would be no May flowers!

Much Love

OK so down to the individual items then…All boxes received the following:

  • Duck pen
  • Duck Paperclip
  • Schedule stamp set - weather icons!
  • Rainbow washi tape set
  • A little rubber ducky!
  • A pocket notebook*
  • To do list pad
  • Set of 5 notecards with envelopes*
  • Pack of weather stickers*
*Actual design may have varied from the image shown but will be in keeping with the theme of the month (Ducks / weather / blue) 
Those that ordered a planner box will have received an art (painted by me) dashboard as well as a cloud planner charm. One of the following dashboards will have been received (randomly chosen by me) as either Personal or A5 size depending on which box size you signed up for.

For the Stationery box people they received:
  • Pack of 5 stickers
  • Set of postcards

Please do watch the above video as you can see all the products much more clearly and appreciate them better and of course you can learn more about the products and what to do with them.

I hope you like it, it was a lot of hard work sourcing a collection and putting it all together! At the time of writing I have some excess boxes available to purchase as a whole as well as some individual items so check out my online shop and my Etsy shop for those!

See you next month for May’s box. Remember if you would like to order a subscription or a one off box and you would like that box to be the May one you can order up to and on 30th April from:

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