Wednesday, 8 April 2015

This week's incoming and outgoing Pocket Letter Swaps

It's Pocket Letter sharing time again. I am still in full swing with my swaps that were arranged a few weeks ago. People are taking their time in getting letters to me which I am totally fine with as it gives me time to work on theirs. They are very addicting and I love them!

So here are my two incoming PL's for this...

And here are my out going PL's...As a reminder...I like to make all of my pockets look pretty before I add any nice goodies. I like to treat each space as a mini ATC in some ways. The reason I do this is so that when you have taken the goodies out (which I usually put in the back) you are still left with something that looks really nice! This is just my way of pocket lettering!


  1. Everything is so pretty =]

  2. That's how I like to do mine too Anna! Great offerings this week!

  3. Those are all so pretty - i love the bright ones especially!