Saturday, 29 October 2016

Get to know the Design Team - Brigitte

Hello everyone!
Am I dreaming? Pinch me!
Once I dreamt of working for a design team and... guess what?Mrs. Brimbles asked me to be part of her fabulous team with lovely creative girls! I feel so honored to be part of this! Yay!! Did I mentioned I was HAPPY? Here's a little bit about me: My name is Brigitte and I live in the Netherlands. Since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be an artist.
Drawing was always one of my favorite things to do. It still is! So I decided to do the school of arts and I became an illustrator.
I've always had a passion for -children's books (Pippi Longstocking is my favorite!) -diorama's (the ones we made in preschool) -aquariums
-open windows with beautiful views -birds -critters -nature -fences -chocolate (of course) -pastels I guess you can say I love the romance of melancholy in various ways. Just dream away and create a world with animals, colors and nature. Does that sounds crazy? Maybe because the world is so harsh nowadays.
Teddy bear
My piggies Kawaii and Blanket
I have a few pets running around my house and they are my inspiration for all I do.
There will always appear animals in all of my spreads and drawings because they make me smile. The fun thing is we all happen to love animals in this team! Anna must have picked us among others because of that.
I love the variety of atmospheres you can create on planner pages. To me the actual chores and planning are in minor of importance if that makes sense.
Just make beautiful pages and every time you open your planner it gives you joy and appeal like it’s your own little world you’ve created.
Every page tells its own story. I like to give every week its own color or theme.
I’m so full of ideas that I use more than one planner… all different kinds of planners… there are so many ‘styles’ to discover.
Over all I really like very ‘busy’ pages with a lot of script in it… I even love very sloppy pages with failed doodles.

I have already create some pages with theBrimbles box as you can see. I hope I can inspire you for the next year. Looking forward to work with the B-team! Click this link if you want to see all of my spreads. You are more than welkom to follow my Instagram Love, Brigitte

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