Sunday, 23 October 2016

Meet the new members of the design team - Gemma

Well this is exciting !!

OK, so i am Gemma im from Essex and i live with my fiance Steven ( wedding on 01-08-17) and our two children Mia & William.

I guess i should start from the beginning ( not from when i was born as that would be a very ... very long blog)

I've always been a creative person. From a young age i was always painting or crafting or cutting up my mums new Argos magazine to make my pictures.

Once i hit school i knew exactly what i wanted to be. I wanted to work in fashion and design, i always liked the process of creating something with all the prepping and then the designing down to the early stages of creating a piece onto creating the final product and watching it go down the stage, but after the first two shows i quickly realized my designs where not everyone's cup of tea and i soon fell out of love with the subject.

When i left school i went straight into collage and decided to try my hand and beauty. i loved that i could have a client come in maybe having a horrible day and after a treatment i could make them feel just that little bit better.

the above picture was of me and a friend of mine in our beauty uniforms. As you may have noticed im rather tall 5 11" to be exact.

After i qualified as a beautician i fell pregnant with my first child, Mia and then my son William two years after and i just ended up feeling a little lost. like my life was just going in circles.

That was when i started watching YouTube videos on planning. i was determined to find a way to manage my life and my anxiety.

you see when i was 15 i was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and its been a struggle of mine since. over time i have learnt to control it, but i still felt with two children me working days and my fiance working nights i needed something to organise it all.

that was when i stumbled across a video that i think in all honesty changed my life. It was by a lady called Courtney, she was unboxing her new Erin Condren life planner and i instantly fell in love. It was like something clicked in my head and i knew it was the magic missing piece i was looking for to bring order to my life.

I ended up ordering one that same day and was so excited to get started.

I started looking for stickers for it and came across a few i liked and decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and film my first YouTube video. ( its not great hehe).

I then joined all the Facebook groups i could on planning and it was on one of those that someone suggest the Mrs Brimbles Box and as soon as i watched a few unboxing videos i knew i had to get it.

Since joining the Mrs Brimbles Happy Place on Facebook. it feels like i have a place, like ive got a safe place full of fun and caring people who have all taken me under their wings and taught me so much not only about myself but the wonderful world of craft.
Being Part of the group has helped me to open up, to face my anxiety head on and get some help, to push myself out of my comfort zone to do things like keep posting on and growing my YouTube channel which is Gemma Rose

To go into a room filled with people i don't know but really inspire too at the Mrs Brimbles Planner Con.

To going to my first ever concert and being in the very front row in a arena full of people and not freak out with my anxiety.

I have tried many different crafts over the years, weather it be making tutu's

or baking

however i really feel paper craft, planning, smashbooking, and generally just creating in general are my true calling and even though i have some way to go when it comes to practicing and learning about myself when it comes to creating and controlling my anxiety, ive never felt this calm and at peace in a long time ... and its all because i clicked on that YouTube video.

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