Wednesday 19 October 2016

Meet the new design team - Hannah

This is exciting and so daunting at the same time! Hi I'm Hannah! I pop up in the Social Media world mostly as HannahJPlans but also for worky bits as Daisy Media. My planner adventures tend to get shared on both! Jaxon and I

So, where to stay with who I am..? What a question! And then there's how I got here? I'm thirty something and live in Bedford with my boys. There's Jaxon (in the picture above), my hubby Chris and our Foster Son a.k.a Our Sidekick. Like a lot of people I had no clue what I wanted to do through school. I wanted to be a teacher, vet, lawyer, paramedic, doctor, archaeologist and anthropologist at one point or another. I even wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist at one point - blame watching Silent Witness for that one! Somehow I settled on Performing Arts at University although with support from my parents I took an evening class in Sociology too. (In the end I would get a higher grade for Sociology than I ever got at school for my drama and music classes!). While being a student, Chris and I got together and although we weren't at the same school together we are kind of "High School Sweethearts" - that's probably a longer story for another time rather than here! We got engaged and then in 2007 got married. Oh and about two weeks earlier than that I turned 21 and handed in my BA Degree Dissertation - nothing like doing everything at once right? (That's me on the far left - this was our last performance but the first in the new University Theatre - yeah! And yes they are vegetable crates from a well known supermarket!)

  Contemporary European Performance - 2007

I think my love of planning comes from my Mum actually. Growing up she had this gorgeous green leather Filofax that contained every piece of information about our family that you should need. If you wanted the packing list for the holiday, try Mum's Filfofax, if you need to add something to this week's shopping list, it was in there too. On the downside, I think it gave up the ghost in the end because of the amount that was stuffed in it - imagine an exploding over stuffed holiday suitcase and that was this green Filofax. If I thought my Mum would have use for it I would try and track down and replace that one. With uni finished I eventually found myself in proper Grown Up Permanent job, I was working in Customer Service and Admin - not what I think I dreamt of as a kid but it was paying the bills! I ended up staying for five years and although I could have probably stayed longer it wasn't right for me and in the end I did leave. It was only when I did leave did I realise what a detrimental affect it had been having on my well being. Throughout university and then through my first jobs, my planner had started to make more of an appearance but it was still just a way of keeping my diary rather than actually anything of a fun nature. I kept trying to keep a journal but it kept turning into the "Dear Diary" sort of thing which didn't entirely work and I'd end up miles behind and then not know what to write.

  My Lovely Planners

Following that job I worked in data entry for an energy company, again not really what I had thought I would be doing. Once my manager realise I could do all sort to an Excel Spreadsheet except tell it how to make a cup of tea or fold the laundry, he gave me extra responsibility working on the biggest spreadsheets I've ever worked on. (We're talking 20,000 plus lines - that's a lot of data!). So while my work world couldn't find it's own route, family life was getting interesting. Around 5 years ago, I went to work one morning and our household was Chris, Our Housemate and Me and I came home to being a foster carer - the story is longer and messier than that but my sofa became Our Sidekick's bed for a couple of weeks. Now we're sort of into the current history. Three years ago almost to the day, Our Sidekick had been with us two years and we found out I was pregnant with Jaxon. Rather than going back to work I decided to go self employed which meant I was even more reliant on a good system to keep all my work on track. I'm currently alternating between my A5 Original Aqua and my Personal Malden (oh yeah it's lovely and sort of fell in my eBay basket lol). My journal is in my Meadowgate Traveler's Notebook which also still has my diary inserts in it so I can switch again if I want to! I'm still figuring out which inserts work right for me. The back ones are by ChasingPlannerPeace and the Personal ones are by Wendaful.


-- Hannah J @daisy_media

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