Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Creative Journalling with Daisy

For this journaling page, I decided to use the contents of my September Brimbles Box to decorate it!
Since I moved late September I didn't have a chance to dig in and have a play with the box, so I've been looking forward to using the contents for a while!

I had a few photo's from a lovely walk I went on by myself to take photo's. This is something I thoroughly enjoy doing, and have always found very relaxing. It seemed like the perfect photo's to use alongside my September Brimbles Box, seeing as the box was themed around feathers, dreaming and feeling free!
I loved all the muted colours in this box, it was a nice change from the usual bright colour schemes.

The 'young' 'wild' & 'free' stickers came from the 12 x 12 sheet of stickers in the box, and I used my watercolour palette that I'd also bought from the Mrs Brimbles shop, to pop a splash of yellow down behind the photo. Seeing as the word stickers had an outline of white, the yellow helped them to stand out from the white page.
I added a strip of feather washi from the box at the top and bottom of the page too, I love this tape! It's perfect to use as a border, but I reckon it'd also work just as well if you were to cut out each individual feather and use them to decorate a page like stickers.

I made the postcard that came in the box into a flap on the page. I tend to add flaps when I know I don't have a load of stuff to write about on the page, but if I were to stick two photos on one page and add decoration, then there wouldn't be enough space to write. It just gives that extra little bit of space that's needed.
It's a quick and easy addition to a page and postcards are absolutely perfect for this! Sometimes they might need a trim to fit, but this one fit brilliantly.

Above is how I decorated the other side of the postcard and the rest of the journal page.
I decided not to carry on with the yellow all the way down the page because it might make it all a little too busy once I've added writing on top.
On the back of the postcard I stuck down some of the beautiful feather scrapbook paper that was in this box, and then picked out a few die cuts from the ephemera pack that was included to collage around the photo.
At the bottom of the journaling page I added some of Anna's stickers, along with a die cut and some washi. I also wanted to try out one of stamps from the stamp set that was in the box. Once I'd stamped it I felt like it didn't stand out enough, the lines were quite thin so I had a go at going over them. It turned out okay, but not quite how I imagined in my mind. It's all good though! Journaling like this gives me a chance to learn and experiment with supplies, so I added some colour to the pinwheel and left it.

- Daisy X

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