Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Getting Christmas Crafty!

So The November Brimbles Box Has Landed and all i can say ( more scream) is "ITS CHRISTMAS"

I absolutely love this box. Its a box full of Christmas goodness.

I felt so inspired by this box i love it. i have been creating all afternoon using all the goodies.

first i had an idea i wanted to make something for the Christmas tree. As its apparently too early to put the Christmas tree up i thought i would satisfy my need for Christmas decorating by making some tree decorations.

i have a blog post showing how i made them.

I really love how they turned out. Also i really love how you can see the design in the inside as well. i managed to get two out of one 12"12 sheet.

I then decided i needed a divider at the back of my everyday planner. I already had some extra note paper in the back that i was making notes on. However i really wanted to make a divider so i used some of the other sheet of 12"12 paper that came in the box and made a divider.

I then cut out one of the 3"4 cards from the cut apart sheet that also came in the box and hole punched it in.

then i used one of the sticky notes and stuck it at the bottom with some of the word stickers that came in the box.

i added the adorable Santa paperclip that came in it and added a few bits of Christmas ephemera that i already had in my stash.

I also had some more ideas for the sticky notes.
I used them on the kids letters to Santa as address labels. I thought they would be great on Christmas card envelopes when you send them out.

 I also am using them as present gift tags too.

I Absolutely love this box and i cant wait for the next one.

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