Friday, 2 December 2016

My Christmas Planner Set Up

Wow, well this months Brimbles box has arrived and all I could say at first was "wow" for 2 reasons really number 1. It's amazing the theme is right up my street, Christmas has got to be one of my favourite times of year not just for the receiving of gifts, it's not about that for me it's about quality family time, snuggly evenings, family games and good food of course and number 2. Because it hit me at just how fast this year has gone and  the fact 2017 is just around the corner. 

When I opened the box and had chance to take everything in I set everything out and it just screamed Christmas planner set-up at me so that's exactly what I chose to do with some of the contents, well in my case my Christmas planner is actually a Christmas section in the back of my everyday planner as it is easier for me to keep track of everything this way. 

In this months box there were 3 Amazing 12 x 12 Scrapbook papers so I started off by making a dashboard with the Santa and Reindeer one as I have laminated it I have used the back attach my hot drink sticky notes on to, these also came in the box, they are so so cute and can be used for lots of things Anna is so creative when it comes to designing stock for the boxes the items are always so versatile and unique.

Something that wasn't in the box but was from Anna's Etsy shop are my Christmas inserts, there are a variety of printable inserts on the Mrs Brimbles Etsy shop so if these ones don't suit you I'm sure something else there will, but I chose the reindeer ones who doesn't love a bit of Rudolph at Christmas eh? 

I wanted something to display my Christmas Washi tapes so I cut, punched and laminated 1 of the pages from the Santa list pad also from this months box and used is as a washi card - how cute is that list pad though? perfect for the kids Christmas lists.

I have used some of the cut apart card, the postcard from the box and the gorgeous paperclip from Cherry Blossom in the Market Square to decorate the section and I still have lots of beautiful bits from the box left to use on other festive projects.

Here is a quick look at my Christmas Section:

Have you set up your Christmas planner yet?

Until next time.

Tash xoxo

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