Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Planner Peace

Since I am in the Planner community everything I see is beautiful planners with fabulous stickers, gorgeous pictures.... lots of PINK, happiness, drawings and designs. It was, and actually is, the 'design' part that attracts me the most about it all. But let's not forget what 'planning' is all about! It's about organizing your life.

(I'm saying this to me) because sometimes I loose myself in decorating and finding the right colors for my 'spread' instead of actual planning my week and make my planner really fuctional. So this is the part I want to talk about... Of course I want my planner to look pretty and all but I want it to have the function of helping me through the week and accomplish things I have to do. Maybe it sounds obvious to you but for me it isn't.

Most of my planners are beautifully manufactured and have perfect quality. For that matter I sometimes am scared to write things in quickly on the go in bad handwriting.... I want my pages to look pretty and flawless. I mean there is a lot of 'planner deco competition' going on on the internet... since I expose pictures of my planners online. Instagram litterely explodes every day with the most wonderful spreads in all kinds of planners. But if we go back to the source of where it al began... it's just about a little black agenda with bad handwriting in it, crossed out words, cancelled appointments.... unreadable little quotes and dingy pages with dog ears.... But no one is looking forward to that when they open their instagram or pinterest accounts. At least I am not.

For me there is a challange in finding myself a way to let my planners be pretty and functional at the same time. Still struggling a lot but I guess I haven't found that 'Planner peace' everyone seems to talk about nowadays. In fact... I hope I don't find my Planner peace anytime soon because... it's all about the journey that makes 'Planning' so interesting.


I'm always searching for new ways to plan and deco my planner and even if I think I found my Planner peace... there will be something itching... and POOOF! Planner peace is gone... But hey! The best part of all this is as long as you have no planner peace there always is room for new ideas in your head and in my opinion that's what counts. I bought myself a black fake Kate Spade Wellesley planner in wich I allow myself to write ugly and slovenly and I force myself to still use washi (even the expensive ones) and stickers because even ugly planner pages deserves some deco. I'm not feeling guilty writing in there in my worst handwriting... and you know what? It actually looks really good! (Ok, there's still a part of me that wants it to look pretty but I'm working on it)


I guess street graffiti works the same way... sometimes you see a wall full of names and things written accros eachother... it's so messy it becomes modern art... that is how I see busy ugly planner pages with almost unreadable handwritings and stains all over. In fact... that just gave me inspiration for a new 'spread' LOL. Graffiti, streets, city, spraypaint, hiphop.... those are the keywords for a spread I'm thinking of right now. You must know I Looooove the 80ties! That's a great idea to start 2017 with! Still practicing my bubble script to write in tho.

See you next year... oh and have yourselfs a Merry little Christmas!
Love, Brigitte

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