Friday, 9 December 2016

Pen Pal Pockets

So December box has landed.

I will most probably say this about every box but i love it!! i did an unboxing video opening it all up and i love all the colours in it and the different tones of blues and greens obviously with Anna's art work throughout which is the best part about it.

every month there is some 12"12 card stock and this month i decided with some of that card stock i would make a new pocket book that i have been enjoying making this last month.


1) i first chose the card stock i wanted to use. these two where ones i got in the box.

2) then i cut them down to size and figured out how many pockets i wanted.


3) i then made some adjustments to the pockets and stuck them down, with double sided tape. then used some of the washi tape that came in the kit to frame the sides and the bottom.

4) i used one of the sticky notes that came in the box as an embellishment on the bottom left and i fussy cut one of the penguins from some of the off cuts of card i had left from cutting the pockets.

5)i then went through my stash and used some of the word stickers that came in the November Brimbles box just to add the the bottom right hand corner.


6) then i used some of the stickers that came in the December box to embellish the top and also some of the enamel dots that came in the November box just on the green pockets to give them some depth.

7) then i used some of the stickers from the 12"12 sticker sheet by Simple stories and used some of the alpha stickers on that sheet to spell out hello. Then used some of the other stickers to embellish.

8) then i used some stickers from another 12"12 sticker sheet by Simple stories called The Reset Girl to spell out the lovely ladies name.

9) then i just filled it with some goddies and a letter for her. 

10) finally i packaged up i used some of the washi tape that came in the box and taped the edges and used the stamp that came in the kit to stamp some snowflakes all over it and used on of the snow men post it notes to used as part of writing the address on it.  

I love how this tuned out and i still have so much to use. As i said in the unboxing video for this box in the new year i will be starting to scrapbook in a 12"12 album so the other papers from the kit will be saved ready to scrapbook and i will blog about them as and when they are done.

I also love the key-ring that came in the box so much as soon as i finished filming the unboxing video it went straight on my purse.

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