Friday, 8 May 2015

How I am using the monthly pages...

If you have been following me for a while you will know that I don't actually use monthly spreads. I just don't feel in my life that I need to see a monthly spread. I know many of you find it a must have and would be lost without it but for me I just don't need to see everything at a glance. OK so fast forward to receiving the Color Crush planner...the kit comes with lovely monthly pages. Now I was intrigued and you know me, I love trying out new planning ways and methods so I thought I would give them a little road test.

I am using my monthly spread for scheduling and tacking blog posts and YouTube videos. As you can see I am not using it for my personal life and if I am perfectly honest I can't actually see a need for that purpose any time soon. Never say never though as life is constantly evolving and you never know, I may do lol!

At the moment they are working really well for me. I am using the quick list down the side for jotting ideas down in pencil and then I move them over to the day space when I schedule the video in. I tend to write in pencil mainly as then things can be moved around but I will also write in pen when I know that something is a definite.

Decoration wise I have not decorated in advance, I have just decorated as I have gone. Whenever there was a gap and I had some stickers or washi tape around I just whacked it on the page. The result is something that I love!

Products used for March:
Stickers - From my online shop
Washi Tape - Plain pink is scotch tape. Striped from Websters Pages, Sprinkle tape from Hey Charlie Shop on Etsy, White with black dots from my online shop, black with flowers from my online shop.
PL card: These are the days collection (March) from Websters Pages

Products used for April:
Stickers - were from the April Brimbles Box but have now all sold out
Washi Tape - was received in a swap

Products used for May:
Stickers - From my online shop
Washi Tape - From my online shop

I can't show you the actual spread for May because I haven't done anything with it so no eye candy to look at!

I would love to know if you use a monthly spread and what you use it for because I am intrigued. I don't have any bills that I need to track because everything just comes out of the bank on a direct debit or standing order. Please do let me know because I am nosey and if you fancy sharing a picture or two with me I would love to see those as well. I would just like to know what I am missing out on and why people use them. For me I just can't get my head around a use for them so now I am using them for blog planning I am glad that they are not going to waste!

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