Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Pocket Letters meet Planners (keeping photos and memories in your planner)

As you know I have been really into my pocket letters of late. I made a pocket letter over the weekend and happend to break one of the pockets and at first I thought 'well that is a waste' and then my brain started ticking over, the cogs started to whirr... and then I had a 'eureka' moment. I decided to cut it down to one and a bit pockets to add to my planner and so I have two nice little pockets that I can add photos and other bits and bobs to for the purposes of eye candy, that or I can tuck receipts or tickets into it for filing away or journalling about later.

So if you have spare or broken pockets laying around you now have another use for them! Of course you can do the same sort of thing with the business card inserts that Filofax sell but I actually like these because the sections are bigger meaning you can either put more in or you can put something in that is bigger. Does that make sense? It does in my head! I also like the way it feels in my hand. I am a very tactile person and I love to touch things all the time. The business card slots are very often quite rigid thick plastic, very durable and perfect for keeping cards secure etc but I like that this is just a bit floppy he he!

It kind of reminds me of keeping photos in your purse / wallet. Do you remember the photo booths at Woolworths where you used to go with your mates or your boyfriend and get a strip done to put in your purse? The photo that I have in my pocket at the moment is an instax and it fits absolutely perfectly!

Products shown:
  • Planner and inserts / dividers shown are from Websters Pages, this is the White Color Crush Planner
  • Pockets are baseball trading card sleeves which are widely available on Ebay and Amazon.
  • Arrow paper clip is from Websters Pages
  • Ephemera shown is from my own stash but I do also sell these in my shop. I sell these because I love them so!

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