Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Planner Society Kit - May Unboxing

I had seen lots of hype about Christy Tomlinson's Planner Society Kit and I was very tempted from the word go BUT I kinda dragged my heels a little bit. I mean did I need more planner and craft stuff? Well OK, I guess *need* never really comes into it but I did love the look of it and so I caved and signed up for the subscription.

It comes from the States so us Brits have gotten ours quite a while after the gals in the States but that is to be expected. So I had already seen a lot of photos around on social media so kind of knew what to expect already but it is still fun to get yours and tear it open to see what is inside. Of course, as you would expect, I did an unboxing video so you can see it as it comes out and see the 'live' thing.

So what was in the box... there were lots of items all geared up to the creative process of planning and those included, pins to make your own paper clips, stickers, ephemera, a planner charm, alpha stickers, die cuts, scrapbook papers, date stamp, washi tape, sticky notes, paper clips and Project Life cards.

All in all I really loved the box and my brain is already whirring into life with what I can do with the items! Some I may not use in my planner but will probably use in my journal but this kit is ideal for mixing and matching. I am looking forward to next months kit already!

To find out more about the kit check out Christy's website:

PLEASE NOTE: I purchased this kit (these products) with my own money.  This review is my own personal opionion on the product / company, given in good faith and has not be sponsored or endorsed. None of the links are affiliate links

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