Thursday, 10 September 2015

Get to know the Design Team - Zinia

Hello everyone! My name is Zinia (some of you may know me as Abstract Inspiration on social media) and I'm super thrilled to be here today and introduce myself to you all.

I'm an art student from Greece and I've been into crafting and stationery for as long as I remember myself. I remember always keeping a notebook during my school years in which I took notes for my classes and I was decorating it by doodling around with my endless collection of colorful pens.


Almost two years ago I discovered the planner community and it was like finding heaven! I never knew that there were so many people out there sharing my love and obsession about cute stationery and paper crafts.

I started my planner collection with an old personal sized binder I found around my dad's boxes and shortly after that I got my very first Filofax, a personal size Willow. From there my collection just kept growing along with my love for planners and journals. My current stack (of the planners I use) looks something like this...


Around the same time I was getting into the planner community I also discovered that scrapbooking is 'a thing'. Since it's never been a popular hobby in my country I never knew that there are companies making such gorgeous products for memory keeping projects, until that time I was just sticking photos on notebooks, adding captions and occasionally† a sticker or a pretty paper to make it look cute.

Thanks to social media (mainly YouTube and Instagram), I'm an avid. I'm currently into scrapbooking, project life, pocket letters, art journaling, planning, cardmaking, minibooks and generally any type of paper project. Many people told me that if you wanna be good at what you're doing, you need to focus on something, but I never managed to follow that advice. I'm seriously all over the place and I love it!


I'm living in a small town where I study fine and applied arts. I love the options you have in big cities but nothing compares to the walks by the river and the friendly people in smaller towns. When I have a break from uni I go back to my parents place where I have to deal with five little intruders that lurk around my supplies.


Well I won't expatiate any longer. I know I get carried away sometimes when I share my excitement about planners and crafting.

I'm really excited to get crafty with my super talented team mates and share with you some inspiration on how to use the lovely goodies that Anna puts together in her boxes.

Feel free to check my website and my social media profiles:

Till next time, happy planning :).