Thursday, 24 September 2015

Meet the design team - Daisy

Hello! Ahhh how exciting!
So I'm Daisy, some of you may know me as MyGreenCow on Instagram or YouTube. 
I suppose I may as well start with a bit about how I got to where I am today!

(Contact sheet from one of my GCSE Photography lessons.)

Throughout school and college, I never really knew what I wanted to do. I would say I wanted to be a photographer just so I had an answer when people asked, but as much as I enjoyed photography and studied it for GCSE & A-level, I don't think I ever really liked the idea of doing that full time. I knew there were more things I'd love to try.
Because of this I never went to University, the pressure that was laid on during college was ridiculous but I knew I didn't want to pay for a course when I still hadn't a clue if that was actually what I wanted to do. So I ignored the advice of all of my teachers, and boy I'm glad I did.
They had only known me for a few years, I'd known me my whole life, so I went with my gut!

When I left college I still didn't have a clue what I wanted to do, I job searched but due to anxiety struggles I just couldn't deal with any 'normal' job.

Seeing as I had more time on my hands with job searching not being too successful, I started embracing a few hobbies I had wanted to try for years, one of which was making jewellery. 
The first pieces I made I shared on Facebook, and a few of my friends wanted to buy them. I used to play shops constantly as a kiddo, so the fact that I could create something and get real money in return really motivated me! I opened up an Etsy shop and though sales were slow to start with, eventually things got rolling.

(One of my boxes full of incoming mail)

A year or so after I had been running my jewellery shop full time, I came across the crafting/planner/stationery community! Originally I came across them through snailmail and penpalling, I suppose you could say this was the gate I opened to get to where I am today.

I've had many penpals over the years and have made so many new friends through doing so, seeing as I didn't go to University, I never got to experience the social side. So this was a really nice alternative and also less anxiety provoking!
I've kept every letter I've ever been sent, and one day I will go back through them. I'm hoping to keep them as some sort of time capsule, so I can read back over them and reminisce when I'm old and grey haha!

(My full Smashbook on the left, then the one I'm working in at the moment)

From then onwards things just rolled, I came across scrapbookers, stampers, journalers, planners, and I of course wanted to dip my toes in them all! So I did. I had bought myself a Smashbook shortly after I'd started penpalling, which is what lead my onto finding all these other crafty communities on Instagram and YouTube. I never really knew how to use it, or how I wanted to use it but after watching videos and scouring the internet for photos and how other people used them I finally found the style I enjoyed and just went with it.
Smashbooking is what lead me on to start my YouTube channel and since I started making videos, everything has just grown. My stationery 'collection' is quite ridiculous, and my planner collection is just crazy, BUT I love it, they are the things that make me happy, so I'm sure they'll continue to grow.
Thankfully my boyfriend understands my 'need' for stationery and planner goodies, even though I get a few eye rolls here and there.

(My workspace ft. A photo I took of my boyfriend standing on a wooden post haha)

To sum it up I'd class myself as being a full time creative, which is made up of running two online shops and a YouTube channel! 
I thought I share a few randoms just to finish off!

1. I am a farmers daughter, I've grown up with a farming background which is something I'm incredibly grateful for.
2. I don't drink anything other than water or orange juice, that means no tea, no coffee, no alcohol, and nothing that my nose doesn't approve of first. (The same nose approvement goes for the food I eat too haha)
3. I love animated films and cartoons!
4. I rarely spend money on clothes, I have an annual clothes shop and I make sure any of the clothes I buy are in the sale, I'd much rather spend my money on stationery/craft items.
5. Rolling off of the last one, I'm a big bargain hunter. I'm always comparing prices, if I don't feel comfortable handing over the money, then I just won't.
So that's me in a nutshell, thank you so much Anna for choosing me to be on this awesome Design Team with an amazing group of ladies!
I'm looking forward to the next year of projects and lots of crafty adventures!

Daisy X


  1. I just love Daisy, she is how I met you Anna! It was nice to hear a bit about her life. I'm really enjoying reading each of these ladies stories. :) And yes I would much rather spend my money on stationery than clothes too.

  2. Loved getting to know more about you Daisy! Love all the goodies in your photos and seeing how you organize it all too!