Sunday, 6 September 2015

There is a chance I like clouds!

When the postie came yesterday, we had a fluttering of post, you know the usual bills and leaflets but hidden under the pile was an envelope for meeeeeee!

A very sweet and kind friend sent me such a sweet and beautiful RAK. I think she may know that I like clouds...

Of course I knew instantly where this cutie was going and then it occurred to me that I haven't actually shown this on my blog before so I thought it was probably about time that I did!

I have a lovely sew-dori from the fabulous Neen from JJ Showers already which I love and she was so sweet in working with me to make a custom A5 size which she didn't previously offer (I think she does now). Anyhooo, a while ago I went shopping with some crafty friends who are all into sewing and we ended up in a fabric shop. I came accross some gorgeous fat quaters that I fell in love with and so purchased them like most crafty people do from time to time, with the intention of doing something with them at a later date. Well me doing something with them never really came round, there is a surprise huh! I was having a sort out and found them again and an idea hit me, I wondered if Neen would make me a faux-dori out of them. I am so happy that she said yes because seriously look at how lovely it is teemed up with her illustration. FAB and so me.

So as you can see my new notebook goes absolutely splendidly with it. I also picked up a cloud notebook from Tesco last week which I will put in there as I think they will all be really good friends. Don't you agree?


  1. Omg I want =] so cute

  2. I'm a cloud/rain girl too. That dori is so yummy. One day I'll get myself a fabric dori.