Thursday, 17 September 2015

Meet the design team - Violet

Hello, my name is Violet also known as "imvintagerose" on Instagram. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Mrs. Brimbles design team. Here's a little Bit about me. I live in California and I am a Real Housewive. I will be married for 20 years in February.
I have a son and a Daughter and a Daughter In-Love. A Granddaughter and another one on the way..
 My love for Stationery started when I was a little girl. My aunt started it all. My Uncle and aunt were stationed in Japan and other countries around the world and and they use to bring us  little bags  of stationery from Japan. It was the cutest stationery I have ever seen. Around that same time a new store came into town and it was a little shop that sold hello kitty and twin stars and all kinds of other cute stationery. Every time I had a little extra money I would go to that store and buy me a pencil or pen or paper pad. I just couldn't Believe all the cuteness that was in the store. Thus, my love for stationery grew. I kept the stationery until I was in high school and I actually started using all of it for school. 
As with seasons of life, it changes, my children are grown. My daughter will be 18 in a couple of  months.  My son is now married and I found myself at home without a hobby. I happened to be on Instagram one day and started looking up hashtags and I stumbled upon the planner community. Boy, I am glad I did. To my surprise I saw the accounts of so many stationary lovers. 

That day I cleaned up my desk and I created a new account "imvintagerose" I didn't want to clog up my personal account. My first planner was sent to me from @filonewbie on instagram because,  she saw I didn't have one. I cried that day, because I wanted a planner so bad that I actually prayed for one and I got it. Here's a pic of my very first planner. 

Also is a pic of my current planner or collection. I was able to sell my first Planner and had a yard sale to buy my first Kikkik.

I also began to sale paperclips and planner packs that I designed on my own to make some extra money to buy more stationary, without having to tax my family.  Therefore, I opened up an etsy account, Vintagerose Shack and is now currently closed, so that I can replenish my planner pack supplies. 

I desperately needed something to do, Instagram,  my shop and belonging to Mrs. Brimbles design team has been such a beautiful hobby.  I am  forever grateful to Anna for allowing me this opportunity to be a part of this design team.          

Check out my other Social Media Accounts:
Instagram: @imvintagerose
Twitter: @imvintagerose
Periscope: Imvintagerose


  1. Lovely intro! I can't wait to see your shop open. I'm sure I'll be the first to buy! 💖

  2. I love seeing your photos on Instagram - they're always so lovely! Also, your planner packs are awesome! I love mine! :)

    the Noveltea Corner