Friday, 18 September 2015

My Autumnal Planner Set Up

It has been ages since the last time I shared a planner set up with you. The main reason for this is that for me my system does not change. I found planner peace a long time ago with the way in which I planned and also what I needed in my planner. Planner peace for me is about my system rather than the actual planner I am in.

So a couple of weeks ago I talked about my planning mojo was having a bit of a slump. Well I decided to move away from the Florabunda and back into my Malden. I do still love the Floradunda but I just felt like I wanted to go back into rings again. I was using my Florabunda for planning as well as journalling which was working well for me but, I don't know, for planning, I just found it too large. I am still using it but solely for journalling and we still have a strong love affair!

Now I am back into my Malden, my mojo is also back into full swing too! Autumn is my favourite season and I come alive in Autumn and find that I really get my 'craft on' too. The Malden lends itself perfectly to snuggly photos so expect to see a lot of those in the coming weeks and months over on instagram!

Obviously I filmed a video of my set up so you can hear and see me talk about it:

I don't know about you but Autumn to me means even more warm drinks so it wouldn't be Autumn without a little Starbucks charm now would it!

When I am in my Malden I do tend to use the card slots for my cards, the layout just lends itself perfectly for a purse / wallet. I took the cards out for the photos though. I also have a couple of paperclips too. I can never have enough paperclips! Also peeking out you will see some cute little notecards from My Pretty Week.

I have affectionately labelled myself the dashboard queen as you know I am always making dashboards and my planner has at least two in it at all times! Pure eye candy mostly!

The page marker I made last year by laminating a sticker sheet has of course made it's return!

As for the sections in my planner; I have my diary, to do, notes and addresses. This is my daily planner for my personal life and our home / family life. I don't need anything to fancy or high tech. I use another planenr for work and blog scheduling. For this, I like to keep it simple and for me having my planners split like that really works and helps keep everything in some kind of logical order.

The inserts and dividers are all cut from a Paperchase notebook which I think was from their 2014 Dreamscape collection.


  1. very inspiring autumnal setup! thanks for sharing. where in the world did you find the starbucks charm? adorable!!!

    1. It was from a shop on Etsy but I can't remember the name of it now x

  2. Omg so cute, love the autumn theme and the starbucks coffee cup =]