Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Holey Moley Sketch Book Review

Every once in a while I am approached by a company and asked if I would be able to review their products. It doesn't happen all that often and when it does I don't always say yes but when it comes to a product that I feel would be a good fit I say yes. I am even more than happy when it is a fledgling business run by an artist who is looking for some promotion to kick start their business. So today on the blog I am reviewing a sketch book from Holey Moley.

I was able to choose the one that resonated most with me and I chose this super cute pencil design. I thought it was most apt for a sketch book lol. I love how it has been designed and made by the artist Aysha Samrin herself.

So the book itself is handmade and is of a lovely quality. It has a soft cover made from what feels like a heavyweight card stock with a beautiful silky finish. The colours in the design are rich and just lovely. The paper inside, I am not sure what it is but it is gorgeous. I guess it helps when an artist makes a sketch book as they know exactly what sort of paper other artists want! It is a lovely smooth finish sketch paper.

All in all the book is lovely, very well made and designed. priced at £5.50 it is a little pricey compared to walking in to Hobbycraft and purchasing one of their similar looking A5 sketchbooks, however what I believe you are paying for here is firstly, the art and design on the cover as the Hobbycraft ones are plain. And secondly the paper inside as the Hobbycraft ones tend to have pretty naff cartridge paper inside! I have learnt over time that I feel more inspired to create and that creation turns out better when I use nice paper!

Thank you to Holey Moley for sending this to me to review, I am going to very much enjoy using it. If you would like to learn more please check out:

Shop: http://holeymoleystuff.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SamrinAysha
Blog: http://ayshasamrin.weebly.com/blog
Design Portfolio: http://ayshasamrin.weebly.com/

PLEASE NOTE: I was given this / these product(s) in exchange for my honest review and opinion, the fact that I was given these does not alter my opinion in anyway. This review is my own personal opionion on the product / company, given in good faith and has not be sponsored or endorsed. None of the links are affiliate links. Unless otherwise stated, all photography is my own.

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