Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Journal Covers & Inserts from Lyra & Co!

I am in a few groups on Facebook and everyone is such enablers! They keep sharing and posting photos of their purchases....how dare they lol! I have for some time been coverting a sew-dori / journal cover by Lyra & Co. She is on Etsy and has the most gorgeous designs. Several caught my eye but one stood out for me more than any of the others. It just kept calling out to me. I caved and decided to treat myself, wanna see?

Mrs Brimbles Reader Discount:
I told Jane (the owner of Lyra & Co) that I was going to share it with you guys and she very kindly gave me a discount code for you to use. If you fancy treating yourself just use MrsBrims1 to get 15% off of your purchase at https://www.etsy.com/shop/lyraandco

The cover is beautifully well made. All of the edges have been sewn in so there are no rough hanging threads or anything. Very good quality and a high attention to detail. No wonder everyone is raving avout them is all I can say! I wish my photos were better to show you how lovely it is but both my Canon 5d mark ii and my Canon point and shoot are both on the blink...just my luck huh!

I also purchased two inserts / notebooks which are just to die for too! Just look at that linen effect cover let alone the illustrations on the front. Errrrm hello!

She was ever so kind and included a couple of freebies in sticker form for me too, they are just super duper cute huh!

I am so thrilled with my purchase and can't wait to move in and start using them!


  1. Watching your video it was sooooo tempting to (almost) hit the buy button for a(nother) journal cover. I only bought 2 in the last month, not sure I can justify a third. Lol! But they are definitely gorgeous!

    Noveltea Corner

  2. Just happened across your blog and have ordered. I wasn't sure the code would work but it did...thanks xx