Saturday, 19 March 2016

Easter Pocket Letter

The lovely ladies on my design team and I were chatting about wouldn't it be cool to create something together and do a blog hop and some snail mailing. So we decided why not do an Easter themed swap. Errrr yeah, bunnies and the like, Hello! Durrrr! He he!

So everybody has been busy creating their pocket letters or snail mail and I will be showing them off altogether on the blog (my blog, the one you are reading right now) on Good Friday which is 25th March. So if you come back then you will be able to see a 'Master' blog post which will start off the Bunny Hop (I know it's really a blog hop but I just had to write bunny in there lol!). You will then be directed to all of the ladies blogs so you can see how they made their creations etc. Sound fun, you betcha!

What I thought I would do today is share with you the pocket letter that I created for my swap partner so that you could see that in more detail as when we kick off with the blog hop you won't see it so much.

Of course I filmed the process of me making it so that you could see how it all came together:

I am really rather please with how it turned out especially since I was a bit rusty and hadn't made any for a while. I went through a period of doing loads and it got a bit too much so I stopeed. (I am not looking to take any more swaps on at the moment).

I love the little details too!

This is how it looks all bundled up and ready to put in the envelope. I thought I would tie in a chocolate bunny lollipop just to kind of round it off and make it look 'sweet'.

I used a mix of items that I already had plus items that were in the March Brimbles Box. Here is a supply list for you:

Top left

Top Middle

Top Right
  • Bits and pieces I had in (unknown)

Middle / Middle

Middle Right
  • Postcard from the March Brimbles Box embellished with washi tape from Lidl plus above.

Bottom Left
  • Items from my collection already had in.

I hope you liked it and remember to pop back on Good Friday to see all the Happy Mails!


  1. Lovely PL! You made it look so easy. I swapped lots last year and got sick of them but I'm enjoying them again now. Can't wait to see what the other ladies come up with xx

  2. Nice to see pocket letters for change! :)

  3. Adorable pocket letter and I loved the process video. Hope I can join in next time!