Saturday, 26 March 2016

@Typoshop is coming to the UK! #TypoUK

I was amazingly lucky to be invited along to the TYPO blogger event / media evening. If you haven't heard of TYPO before, they are an incredibly popular shop in Australia, a shop right up my alley, a combination of stationery and lifestyle items. And guess what...they are now in the UK! They don't have a 'proper shop' just yet although they are hoping to have one in London very soon BUT you can order online from (I think) 5th April and it ships all around the UK so no crazy shipping prices or customs duties to pay. Shipping is even free if you spend over £25! Wooo hoooo!

So of course I vlogged whilst I was there and am sharing it with you now:

I went these lovely bunch of ladies, my blogger friends. In the picture from left to right we have:

Daisy from MyGreenCow:
Joey from SoJoey:

It was so lovely to meet up with them again, we had a really fab time chatting away whilst checking out all of the lovely and exciting goodies that Typo had to share with us. We were allowed to touch everything!

Here are a couple of photos of some of the things that really spoke to me:

Of course there was much much more to see there than what I have shown in the photos but you will be able to check it all out in the video.  

I would like to thank Typo for having me, it was a super fun evening and I wish you all the best here in the UK. I know I can't wait to check out the website as I saw a couple of items that would be perfect for my bedroom. We are redecorating and replacing everything (it is all over 12 years old) and some of the items would go perfectly with what I am planning!

I have a little haul to share with you too but I will do that in another post so stay tuned for that!

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  1. Great video! This shop looks like its going to be amazing, right up my street. Bet it was a fun evening x