Friday, 18 March 2016

Planner peace & decorated pages

Well I always thought I had planner peace. In fact no I am sure, 100% sure that I did in fact have planner peace with my personal ring planners using the Websters Pages week on two page inserts. It made me happy and it worked. Really worked. Of course I only used this for my 'home life' and all work and blog stuff is in another planner or two. So if you are blissfully happy why change? Why rock the boat? What if it didn't work?

Well those are easy to answer....I changed because I received my Websters Pages Travelers Notebooks and I fell in love with them. Previously I had used fabric fauxdori's as journals only but when the WP ones arrived it was certainly love at first sight and I wanted to move my whole life into it and apart from work stuff which is still separate, this is what I have done! If I fall out of love with it I can always go back but for now it makes me very happy.

I promise I will do a set up tour soon. I know I have been promising but things have been very busy in the Brim household with one thing or another and then to top it off I got a cold which took me 'out of service' for nearly a week. I was gonna film today but I thought I would save that for another week so you can enjoy without hearing me sniffing! In the meantime I thought you would like to look at my decorated pages for the past few weeks as I realised that I haven't shared any pages here on the blog for such a long time!


  1. Love your layouts! I'm also starting to use a travelers notebook after being in a filofax for more then 6 months.. Ah well, change is good right? Can't wait to see your set up! It's a video i'm looking forward to since you start using yours!

  2. Where did you get the Belle and Boo stickers? They are lovely!

    1. I sell them in my shop: