Thursday, 10 March 2016

Fauxdori Insert Decoration

Hello wonderful planner addicts! Itís Zinia here again and today I want to share with you how I decorated my Foxydori using the March stationery Brimbles Box.

Since I generally keep my decorations minimal to have plenty of space for my planning, I decided to use the washi tapes that came in my box in a different way.

So since the washi tapes that were included in my box were sort of Easter themed and I didnít feel like going for that style in my planner, I decided to punch tiny circles from my washi tape and create abstract decorative stickers. I tried to cut through the designs so you canít really tell anymore it was a bunny or an egg, you just see lovely colors and patterns.

Brimbles Box March Deco

I also used the amazing bunny stickers that Anna designed for this month to give some more interest to my little clusters of washi stickers.

Brimbles Box March Deco

As far as planning goes, I used the adorable stickers we got by Craftiní Chaos. The colors are really so darling and Iíve always been a huge fan of drop shaped stickers.

Brimbles Box March Deco

I also paper-clipped a page of the notepad to keep temporary notes and to-do lists for long term projects so I can just move it on my next week if there are still things to be done.

Brimbles Box March Deco

To add a little extra detail to my spread I used one of my most favorite Studio L2e stamp sets, Get it Girl 2, to add some motivational words.

So this is how I add little bits of decoration in my Foxydori while still keeping a lot of space for my daily to-do lists. I really hope you enjoyed, until next time, happy planning :).


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