Friday, 4 March 2016

Travels with my Travelers Notebook aka #doritheexplorie

If you follow me on instagram you will know that last week Jon and I had a mid week break to Cornwall. To be honest I haven't been blogging as much as I used to lately because, well, I kinda lost my mojo for it and felt a bit burnt out to be honest. This does happen to folks from time to time and whilst I have been loving uploading to YouTube the blog has taken a bit of a back step. If it wasn't for my lovely design team you wouldn't have seen any content on the blog at all. So you see I really needed the holiday!

As you know, because I am on the design team for Websters Pages, I was lucky enough to receive my new Spring 2016 edition travelers notebooks early and so of course I moved into them and I am hooked to be honest. Before I was only using a fauxdori as a journal and now I am using it as a planner and journal and notebook and, well, everything! I will do a seperate post on how I am using it and a set up for you for sure. So it stands to reason that I would take my travelers notebook (hereby referred to as TN as I can't be bothered to type the two long words all the time ha ha!) away on holiday with me because I never go away without a journal and a few little art supplies. I don't take that much and just like clothes, I over pack and never end up using it all anyway but I like to know it is there. Just in case like.

So a casual snapshot on instagram of my TN sparked a whole mini series for me which was named and tagged #doritheexplorie I never intended to share so much of my holiday or my TN but the relaxtion of being away meant that I was able to recharge my batteries and I was so inspired by my surroundings and by my TN itself that I ended up taking so many photos.  I thought I would share and recap with you here on the blog and in my corresponding video:

I love taking photos and I take loads that never even make it to my instagram or into my Project Life album but I enjoy looking at things creatively and I love taking and looking at photos. Of course like most stationery lovers, I do like looking at photos of my TN and so I felt inspired to just take photos of my TN wherever I was whether that was in the hotel room or out and about. I just enjoyed taking photos of my beautiful TN.

I also wanted to help inspire you to use your journals or your notebooks more and perhaps look at it in different ways. I often get people say that they would like to get into journalling but don't know how to do it or what to write about so I hope my posts inspired you a little and gave you some ideas for that. I used my journal for recording memories, writing about our day, sticking in photos, thoughts and feelings (it was my birthday whilst I was away and that wasn't an easy thing for me for reasons I won't go into in this post), notes about where we wanted to go that day etc. We have been going to Cornwall for years and at Christmas Jon bought me The Wild Guide which helped us to find new places to explore so we had lots of fun adventuring finding new places and of course putting it all down into my journal.

I love to paint when I am out and about too. I am not a natural landscape artist because I haven't had that much practise (I am still learning) but for me painting whilst out and about is so much fun especially when you are relaxed and surrounded by such beautiful scenery. I wanted to reassure you that It's not about the accuracy of painting 'what you se'e but more about enjoying the moment and painting how it feels to you to document and record! Who cares if the art teacher at school moaned at you for not being accurate. If you are painting from the heart that is all that matters!

Mr B also journals, he has done for a while now but I have helped him to up his game by encouraging him to add photos to his journal to help him tell the story more and he is hooked now too! He let me share a couple of photos of his journal and I am working on persuading him to share more of them with us. We shall see!

So I hope you enjoyed following along with me on instagram or seeing my recap here and I hope it has inspired you to start using that notebook! You don't have to be out adventuring, you can use it at home, when you go for a walk in the woods. Anything. Just get pen to paper and document your memories.

Happy Adventuring! 



  1. Looks like you two had such a fantastic time! and what a way to capture the memories with both of you journalling :-) xxx

  2. Loved keeping up with your #doritheexplorie posts! So nice to see how people use their traveler's notebooks!

    the Noveltea Corner

  3. I really enjoyed all your IG posts, and that TN is awesome! I'm wondering what size inserts you are using? I know I read somewhere that it takes both standard and oversized, but have only seen it with the standard so far. :)

  4. Love the pics. I too have a Polaroid zip but don't seem to get pics as good as yours. Care to share the process you go thru before printing them? Cheers