Monday, 7 March 2016

Journaling with Unicorns

I received the Stationery Brimbles Box for February, and inside as I'm sure a lot of you know was Unicorns galore!! I only really got a chance to play around with the content of the box nearer the end of the month because I had so much happen during February. My plans were flipped upside down, but hey! It gave me more to journal about.

I really enjoyed putting together a journaling page using pretty much only products that were in my Brimbles Box, also the overall colour scheme was sooo much fun to work with.

I decided to print my photos off all in black & white because seeing as all the products in the box went so well together, I didn't want to ruin that colour scheme by slapping in some photos that were completely opposite colours. Working with black & white photos definitely makes things a little easier because it's one less things to think about when you are putting a page together.

Most of the stuff I journaled about really wasn't that interesting, it was just little moments that happened during the week. I find that these can sometimes be some of the most amusing to look back on though, so don't ever think that something isn't 'worth' documenting. You journal because you want to document your life, that includes the good, the bad, and the 'boring'!

As always I work on the background and the layout of my photo's before anything else. On here I used a journaling card from a We R Memory Keepers set I got recently from Hey Little Magpie. I used one of the weekly sticky notes, and one of the Unicorn sticky notes, both from my Brimbles Box.

Once I've got things stuck down, that's when I go in with the smaller bits of decoration.

The typewriter font stickers are from Hobbycraft, these are some of my favourite alphabet stickers to use in my journals!
The little heart stickers, the lilac arrow sticker, and the black and white striped stickers were all from my Brimbles Box, along with the pink foiled dot washi tape.

At the bottom here I created a couple of clusters of stickers and washi tape. The grey chevron washi tape is from an older Brimbles Box, the silver glitter tape is from Paperchase. The rest of the stickers I used were from stickers sheets in my Brimbles Box, including the sheet from Sea Salt & Paper.
I filled in the little section of blank space with the words 'Still working', I could have easily left this, it wouldn't have looked too bad, but I like my pages to be busy and blank space does bug me. I chose to write 'still working' because honestly nowadays it doesn't feel like I ever stop working!!

To balance out the clouds I chose to add another one at the top of this page. I again used another Unicorn Sticky note in the background, I looooove how these look these have to be one of my favourite pieces of stationery that Anna has ever designed! 

I whacked on some more washi tape and stickers. I put an envelope sticker on here because even though I didn't mention in the journaling that I went to the post office whilst I was in town, it's a really easy way to remind myself that I did. Even writing this blogpost I was like 'why did I stick an envelope there... oh duh I went to the post office that day, I remember now'.

At the bottom of this page I decided to actually block a lot of the page off with a decorative journaling card (from the same We R Memory Keepers pack). These pages weren't really about something special I'd done, they were just writing down thoughts and feelings about the week. So I just left a random amount of space, and wrote until there was no more room. 

I wanted to just have fun with some of the other bits and pieces I got in this month's box, and
I really like how little clusters of stickers and washi tape look, it definitely brightens up a page and gives you something to look at.

I hope you liked seeing what I got up to with this month's box! If you haven't already subscribed to the Brimbles Box then I highly recommend doing so, they are so much fun to receive each month, and there's always plenty to use for different projects.

- Daisy X

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