Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Themed Snail Mail Blog Hop

Well if you remember last week I gave you a little show of the Easter themed pocket letter and said to come back this week for the Design Team Easter Themed Snail Mail Blog Hop!

Well here you are and we have a variety of snail mail to share with you. Each of us have created a piece of snail mail to send to someone else. It might be a pocket letter or it could be something different. Whatever it is we hope we have inspired you in some way to get more creative with your pen palling.

Here are just some sneak peaks, or some teasers if you will!

OK so to start your blog hop all you need to do is to head on over to Stef's blog which is: and there you will find more photos and a break down of how she created this. Stef will then link  you on to the next person, Zinia to see what she made who will link you to the next person and so on! If for whatever reason you have problems here are all the blog links..

Geraldine's Blog:
Charlie's Blog:
Of course you have already seen my creation but if you missed it here is the link:

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